Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SNL - what's going on? Racial and sex big players these day

OK, what's going on at SNL?

Love the cast - the women, in particular are stellar (Kate, Aidy, Cecily), but what's up with the NEWS? Yuk.

The millequetoast white guy (can't even remember his name) and the super racist Michael Che. Are you that unhappy, dude? Seriously? Your bitterness cuts through any jokes and makes me frown. You can do better, SNL. New cast on this, please!

Again, the women rock on this cast, but the super sexual skits are a bit much. Yes, yes, push the envelope as SNL should, but every week? Writing that has to resort to sexual every time is just lazy. Why else do you think 50 Shades of Grey sold?

Also, the racial content is bordering on being a yawn. This topic is played. Do a great skit with great writing now and then, but not every week and nearly every other skit. Bored. There is too much great content out there in the world to fall back on sex and race all the time.

Still love my SNL, but almost tough to get through an episode these day (especially the news). Bring back the days of Tina Fey, Amy, Seth.

That said, Kate's Hillary Clinton and the funny video vignettes (like spending the holidays at your parents with your boyfriend - awkward in your teenage single bed) are still perfection.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The View: What has happened to you?

The View should change their name. No longer are there several viewpoints, but a mass of similar (liberal) we-all-think-the-same and rehash the same faux-celebrity (read: Kardashian) crap as all the other low-brow talk shows.

Sorry to be harsh. I have nothing against liberals or talk shows. I used to like The View. I love Whoopie. Jenny is growing on me. Barbara loves to talk about herself (still) and Sherri is funny (sometimes). But where Elizabeth's voice used to grate on me, she at least represented another VIEW. And isn't that what this show is about? Remember the news with Lisa (who wisely went on to other things) and the debates with Rosie?

Instead of spending time on Bieber and Kardashian (ugh) can't you find something newsworthy, provocative and interesting for those of use past 30 who have a brain and like it to be used?

This week I've fast-forwarded through all the Disney propaganda (yes I like Disney; just hate the hype) and wonder if I'll take it off my DVR schedule?

UPDATE: Took this off my DVR shortly after this post and couldn't be happier. Who the hell are most of those people on there these days and why do I give a crap about what they think?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rolling Stone, Heroin and Zimmerman...Oh My!


Rolling Stone puts loser bomber (won't even say his name) on their cover? Are they that hard up for sales?

Glee star ODs on heroin? When will young Hollywood get that they are just humans like the rest of us and not above the drugs?


Zimmerman got off. Terrible loss of life. Self-defense. Get over it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sorry NBC, Hannibal Sucks

NBC thinks this show is promising?

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Funnyman Patton Oswalt Reminds Us "There is Good in the World"

In the aftermath of the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday, people everywhere have been trying to wrap their minds around how someone–or a group of people–could commit such a senseless act of violence. But comedian Patton Oswalt took to ... read full post ...